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Where are your candles made?

All of our candles are hand-poured and packaged in Frisco, Texas.

How long do your candles last?

As long as you keep the wick trimmed and burn them for 3-4 hours at a time, our 9 ounce candles last approximately 50-55 hours and our 11+ ounce candles last approximately 65-70 hours. For candle care instructions, click here. For candle accessories such as wick trimmers, click here.

What makes your all-natural soy wax candles different from store-bought?

Zented Candle Co. Candles:

  1. Soy wax is made from soybeans – a natural, renewable source grown in the U.S. Utilizing soy wax made from soybeans supports both local agriculture and farmers.
  2. A candle made with both soy wax and cotton/wooden wicks burn clean and release little-to-no soot as the candle burns.
  3. While soy candles may cost more than paraffin candles, they last about 50% longer than store-bought candles.
  4. Due to the fact that soy wax candles burn slower than paraffin wax, the fragrance is gradually released as the candle burns. Therefore creating a more pleasant atmosphere with no headaches.  

Store-Bought Candles: The Disadvantages of Paraffin Wax

  1. Paraffin wax is made with petroleum – a nonrenewable source that contains carcinogenic substances.
  2. Have you ever noticed black soot around the edge of your candle glass? Or on the walls or ceilings of your home? Paraffin wax, when burning, emits the same toxins found in diesel fuel as well as 11 + known toxins that include 2 carcinogenic substances. 
  3. A number of candle manufacturers utilize a number of additives including fragrance boosters, color and texture enhancers which are both unhealthy to manufacture and to burn in your home.
  4. When burning a paraffin wax candle, based on research conducted by the University of Michigan (found here) you are contributing to air pollution from the inside of your home. 

Can I buy your products wholesale to sell them in my store?

Absolutely! Please click here to be redirected to our Wholesale landing page.

Do you offer custom candles at this time?

Yes. For more information on custom candles such as previous orders completed and price breakdown, please contact us at or click here to fill out our contact form.