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About Us

Meet the Faces Behind the Brand

My candle journey began in 2017 as a hobby and quickly turned into a friends and family referral-based business that soon led to the establishment of Zented Candle Co. In the start of 2020, my daughter Natalie joined me to take my small business to the next level by creating our website and managing our social media presence. Today, we are a growing business and our only hope is that you enjoy our candles as much as we enjoy making them for you. 
 -Liza Herrera, Founder of Zented Candle Co.
With a global pandemic unfolding right before my eyes, I did what nearly all College students around the U.S did: moved back home. With classes being held online and having more free-time than I ever expected during my Senior year of Undergrad, I joined forces with my super-hero of a mom to launch the very first Zented Candle Co. collection. Nearly two years later, a degree in one hand and a successful brand in another, I am nothing short of excited for what our brand is now, and what it will come to be in the near future.
-Natalie Odis-Herrera, Co-Owner of Zented Candle Co.


Our Mission

Zented Candle Co. is a Mother+Daughter Latina Owned business located in Frisco, Texas. Our mission is to provide consumers a candle that is both fragrance-filling and safe for their homes. To ensure a quality product, we hand pour each candle in small batches. We pride ourselves in using 100% soy wax, phthalate free fragrances, and we do not use any additives or dyes.