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Car Diffuser FAQ

How do I install the Car Diffuser?

Below you will find a step-by-step guide:

  1. Unscrew the silver-plated Wooden lid. [ A ]
  2. Inside, you will find a plastic stopper that inhibits the fragrance oil from diffusing into the Wooden lid. Remove the plastic stopper. [ B ]
  3. After you have removed the plastic stopper and secured the Wooden lid back into place, rotate the Car Diffuser to wet the wood with the respected fragrance oil. [ C ] *Avoid over-saturating the Wooden lid to prevent damage to surfaces. In the event that there is spillage, wipe immediately.
  4. Adjust the silver-plated bead as needed to display. [ D ]

A step-by-step video demonstration can be found here.


How long do your Car Diffusers last?

Our Car Diffusers last approximately 3 months. 


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